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Art Quilts Revealed: Part Two

Our Art Quilts Revealed event was very successful.  It included displays on a wide variety of techniques, as well as demos by several members.  And our audience loved it all! Rounding out the demos was Ruth Anne Parker talking about texture. In addition to making art quilts, she creates wonderful dolls.  The latter gives her special expertise […]

A Happy Little Card

My sister has just retired and I made her a pretty little card as part of the celebration.  I had some painted heavy paper from an earlier play session, and some vintage lace.  Little cuts from the lace created a simple garden scene. Click any image for a larger view The card needed a little […]

Quilt Show: Dolls and Ribbons

The art dolls at the recent Timeless Treasures quilt show were EXTRAORDINARY!  As a matter of fact, the word “doll” does most of them an injustice.  They’re more like fabric sculptures with  A LOT of attitude! Just look at these two free-standing roosters, made by Vonda Frenes.  DO click on the image for a much […]

New Beaded Name Tag

My local fiber art group, the Dirty Dozen, has an exhibit coming up soon and we’re all making new name tags.  For consistency, we all worked with the same support material, the same dimensions, and the same font/size for our printed names. I had great fun making mine.  I decided I wanted the paper name […]

NYC Art: Not Always What You’d Expect

When visiting New York city, you’d excpect to find amazing art at The Met.  And we did. Click on any image for a larger view But, we also found artistry in store windows and displays.  Like the paper “dress” on this mannequin at Papyrus.     Later, I stumbled upon Lion Brand Yarn Studio, a […]

Preparing to Play

I’ll soon be spending some time with my teenage nieces, as well as other extended family members.  Since these girls like art projects as much as I do, I’ve gathered a few supplies, so we can have “art camp!” Check out these cool little bird houses.  Won’t they be fun to paint? I’ll bet my […]

Unconventional Materials Anyone?

A couple of months ago, I came across a quilting challenge involving the use of unconventional materials.  That piqued my interest, and I began to consider what materials I might like to use.  Since I was spending lots of time in a hospital clinic, I gleefully decided to collect everyday objects for a week.  I […]

Designing My Latest Quilt (White on White)

My quilt designs come from anywhere and everywhere, but frequently from the nature around me.  Here’s a photo I took of a solitary maple tree in the winter. I loved the strong contrast between the bare branches and the blue sky.  I photographed this tree from many angles, and I THINK the one below is […]

Art Camp Under the Trees

On a recent vacation, I wandered through an art supply store with my mom, sister, and three nieces.  It didn’t take long for the art bug to bite and we were chomping at the bit to create some art!  After purchasing just a few supplies, we headed back to our cabins for “art camp.”  Since […]

Doll Artists = Fiber Artists

Several of my local fiber art buddies enjoy making art dolls.  And what extraordinary dolls they are!  As a matter of fact, I think the word doesn’t begin to do them justice.  Maybe we should call them “fiber beings” or something like that.  Just see what I mean. This is Gabriel, made by Barbara Bilbo. Click […]