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Bragging on My Mom

Check out this silly photo of (L-R) my sister, me, and my mom.  This was a self-portrait taken at arm’s length, and we were cracking up as we tried to smoosh our faces close together to make it work.  (My arms were too short so my sister had to do the honors.) My mom, Martha […]

Double Vision Class

My good friend, Jo-Ann Jensen, is a talented fiber and mixed media artist.  She’s particularly adept at batik and various fabric dyeing techniques.  So, I was delighted to recently preview her latest class, Double Vision. Since a picture’s worth a thousand words, let me show you what we did.  First, we each created a fabric collage […]

Flower Power Challenge: Making Adjustments

When I last showed you my Flower Power Challenge piece, it looked like this: Click any image for a larger view. Since then, I’ve made a few changes.  I: – over painted the leaves in the bottom right quadrant. – added some pink to the top left quadrant. – rearranged the two pieces on the […]

Flower Power Challenge: Part Two

After completing our small zinnia inspired quilt tops, it was time for some more fun.  We cut our pieces both vertically and horizontally and swapped quadrants!  Each person kept one of their original quadrants, and received three from others.  The quadrants shown below were made by (from top left, clockwise:) Ellen Lindner, Bev O’Connell, Barbara […]

Retreat Flower Power Challenge

Recently, my small art quilt group, Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists, had our annual retreat.  As usual, it was tons of fun, with lots of sewing, chatter, eating and laughter. Each year, we do some sort of group project, which we call Group Therapy.  This year’s challenge started with each of us creating a quilt top […]

The Amazing Shrinking Quilt

***Challenge spoiler***  If you’re participating in the flower wagon challenge, you may not want to see my progress. Here’s my snapdragon quilt as it neared completion.    But, it was about to shrink, as I began the finishing process. Click on any image for a larger view.    The edges were trimmed to square it up, so that […]

Petals on Parade

***Challenge spoiler***  If you’re participating in the flower wagon challenge, you may not want to see my progress. As I mentioned in my last post, after completing the design/composition phase of this quilt, I realized that the individual flower petals needed more definition.  So, I set to work. First, I took a photo of my […]