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2013: Counting Blessings

As I look back on 2013, it’s with a great sense of gratitude.  I had lots of fun making art, engaging with my local art buddies, and interacting with the broader art quilt community. Here are a few snippets from my quilting activities.  Links to the above: Row 1 – York Wall, Croton Leaves 1 & 3 […]

Merry Christmas!

This glass bell ornament is one of my favorites.  Not only because I like the way it looks, but mostly because of the story behind it. When my husband and I honeymooned in Colorado, I wanted to buy souvenirs in every town.  But, you only need so many “Pikes Peak” t-shirts, right?  So, I decided to collect […]

“The Cows Enjoyed Her Singing”

In my last post, I showed you the start of my first quilt about a happy childhood.  When you last saw her, the girl in the quilt looked very much like a paper doll:  flat and with no features.  Since then, I’ve added black stitching, which has added wonderful definition. Click any image for a […]

My Favorite Quilts

People ask me which of my quilts is my favorite.  Gee, that’s a hard question!  I’m not sure I have a favorite, but if I do, it changes.  Someone once told me that your most recent piece is always your favorite.  In my case, there’s a certain amount of truth to that, but not always. […]

Looking Back: Early Art

Finally, around the millennium, my quilts were consistently falling into my definition of art.  That is, they were my own unique ideas. Autumn Breeze was one such example.  (Click any image for a larger view.) It was the first quilt I collaged with raw edges.  I was somewhat apologetic about that, but I thought I […]

Looking Back: Is it Art Yet?

In the late 90s all of my quilts were very experimental.  In Solar Tide, below, I challenged myself to use my least favorite color, lime green (at the time.)  Actually, even when I still hated lime green, I could tell it enhanced this quilt.  A shocking result for me!   Since I was convinced the quilt […]

Looking Back: Kaleidoscopes Anyone?

In the mid 90s I became very intrigued by Paula Nadelstern’s kaleidoscope technique.  Thanks to her book, I was able to give it a try.  Here’s a sampling.  (Click any image for a larger view.) November Woods November Woods, detail It was great fun to plow through my various fabrics in order to find ones […]

Looking Back: The Transition Years

In the 90s I began to experiment with a variety of quilting techniques.  I tried both paper piecing and machine quilting.  (I found the latter to initially be very humbling!)  I also experimented with photo transfers in this quilt featuring photos of my young son: I also made several watercolor quilts.  This was the first: […]

Looking Back: The Early Years

I made my first quilt in 1983, as a newlywed.  My husband and I needed art to hang over the sofa, but couldn’t afford a framed painting.  But, I knew how to sew and I thought I could learn to make a quilt.  I bought a book for $10, and the fabric for another $10.  […]