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Notes for a Friend, #10-12

Although it might seem like I’ve only had Korea on the brain, I’ve actually been doing lots of artsy things in the month since our return. You may recall that I started a few new “Notes for a Friend” at an art festival, where I asked passersby to help me select fabrics.  I’ve now completed Notes […]

Up to My Neck in Scraps

 For the last few weeks, I’ve been up to my neck in scraps!  I’m teaching art to a group of teenagers and preparing for our glued fabric collages.  That takes  a lot of fabric! Click any image for a larger view I asked my fiber art friends for scraps and they were very generous.  But, then […]

Haiku Quilt: Collaging and Hand Stitching

As I mentioned in my last post, I was very anxious to get started on a small haiku quilt, as explained in Valerie Goodwin’s book “Art Quilt Maps.”  Per her instructions, I had written a haiku about a favorite twisting country road. Following some of Valerie’s examples, I decided to visually divide my haiku into […]

Spiraling Strips

I’ve been having lots of fun stitching skinny strips into a swirling pattern.  It seems that I’m making a hurricane, although that wasn’t really my intention.   As a storm hardened Floridian, maybe it’s just imprinted upon my brain. Click any image for a larger view   (Oops.  I forgot to trim the threads before taking the photo above.) […]

“Whatcha Gonna Do with All Those Little Strips?

My local quilt shop does something that I love.  Well, many things, really.  But one in particular.  When trimming fabrics to create fat quarters, they save all the little skinny trimmings and bag them up.  When the bag is eventually full, they sell it.  I love these, and have used them in several projects.  Like […]

Inspired by Scraps

After completing Crotons I had a lot of colorful scraps.  I always just let these fall to the floor, raking them up with my fingers when the project is complete.  But this time, there were some larger pieces and the colors were irresistible!  So, I had to make another Croton quilt! Click any image for […]

Scrappy Inspiration?

My latest quilt is larger than I normally make:  60″ wide by 40″ high.  This requires larger pieces of fabric, putting many more in the not-big-enough category.  I save the pieces that are larger than fist size, but I let the others fall to the floor.  It’s quite a colorful mess. Normally, I don’t save these […]

Late Night Improvisation: Knitting Edition

Do you ever get creative ideas late at night?  But then, you don’t have the fabric or supplies you need for your plan?  This happens to me all the time, and is frequently the catalyst for serious improvisation. Take, for instance, my 11 P.M. decision to re-learn how to knit.  I had been thinking that […]

Color, Collage, and Conversation

I’ve been spending lots of time in waiting rooms and doctors offices lately, and I decided I needed a hand project to pass the time.  So, I dug through my UFOs (unfinished objects) in search of something to hold my interest. I decided on this small collage. I made it several years ago, with scraps […]

Tips: Making Note Cards

Would you like to make your own note cards?  They’re fast, easy, and a great way to use little scraps of paper, fabric, and novelty items. Start by painting the paper for the card bodies.  Select a fairly heavy paper that can handle getting very wet.  Paper intended for Watercolor or Wet Media is a good choice.  A size of […]