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Late Night Improvisation: Knitting Edition

Do you ever get creative ideas late at night?  But then, you don’t have the fabric or supplies you need for your plan?  This happens to me all the time, and is frequently the catalyst for serious improvisation. Take, for instance, my 11 P.M. decision to re-learn how to knit.  I had been thinking that […]

An Unusual Border Solution

Even before finishing this little quilt I knew it needed a border.  But, I had already trimmed it!  What to do?  For starters, I went ahead and completely finished it, facing it as usual. Then, I decided to make an entirely new background quilt to serve as the border.  Later, I joined them together:  a […]

Mapping a Design

 Inspired by an old map, I’ve been working on this little quilt for a while.  I wanted to experiment with sheer fabrics, so the background is loaded with a wide variety of them.   The list includes cheesecloth, lots of decorator fabrics, and even an embroidered sheer fabric from Mood Fabrics (of Project Runway fame.)   I’ve also used paper and loosely woven craft […]

Inspiration from an Old Map

Several months ago, I participated in a “White on White” challenge.  One of the designs I considered using was based on an old map.  Here it is:  a poster made from an old map of Culpeper, VA.  (I grew up near here, so it has special interest for me.) The combination of the glossy poster finish […]

Color, Collage, and Conversation

I’ve been spending lots of time in waiting rooms and doctors offices lately, and I decided I needed a hand project to pass the time.  So, I dug through my UFOs (unfinished objects) in search of something to hold my interest. I decided on this small collage. I made it several years ago, with scraps […]

Baby Booties, Hand Smocking, and Lace

On a recent visit to Little Rock, I stopped in at The Stitchin’ Post.  I enjoyed perusing the quilt supplies, which occupied about 3/4 of the store.  But what really blew my mind was the remaining portion of the store, which featured heirloom sewing.  Oh my gosh!  All the little baby samples were so delicate and […]

Dirty Dozen Exhibit, Part Four

The final installment of work from the Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists. Click any image for a larger view Made by Peg Horsfield   Made by Yours Truly It’s so great to have a local group of like-minded artists.  We get a lot of inspiration from one another. Ellen Lindner