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Photo Inspiration – Part Two

More photo inspired from a recent “Design Your Own Nature Quilt” class. Winnie’s inspiration photo showed a busy forest floor with dappled sunlight and pink flowers.  She cropped way in, focusing on just two blossoms.  Much more effective (and easier to construct as this scale.)  She also darkened the background fabrics, allowing the pink flowers […]

Photo Inspiration – Part One

In my class, “Design Your Own Nature Quilt,” each student starts with her/his own inspiration photo.  It sure is tempting to perfectly replicate a photo you’re in love with!  But, after learning some design principles, they almost always find something upon which to improve. Our class motto,  “Be inspired by your photo, not owned by it,”  was […]

Design Vistas

 Addie came to our “Design Your Own Nature Quilt” class with a wonderful photo, shown below.   She decided to work with the existing composition, but to add interest with her fabrics. She did an extraordinary job of letting her fabrics work for her.  (Click the above photo to see an enlargement.)  Plus, the light shining […]

Cropping for a Better Design

In my “Design Your Own Nature Quilt” class, students start with their own inspiration photos.  Sometimes, the students interpret the photo’s composition almost exactly.  But frequently, the design is better when the image is closely cropped.  This allows the maker to focus on the most important elements. I already showed you one example of this, […]

Design in Destin

Oh my, did I have fun teaching at a retreat in Destin, FL!  It was put on by the hardworking members of Flying Needles Quilt Guild, and I highly recommend it. To give you an idea of the fun and high spirits, check out Gabriele Bullard and her sassy apron.  Ooh-la-la!  Gabriele was a vendor at […]