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Design Class, Student Example

One of the great things about teaching online is that I get to interact with students all over the world.  One such case is Nathalie Goosens, from Belgium, who has now taken three classes with me. Nathalie especially enjoyed the Design Your Own Nature Quilt class, which teaches students how to interpret their own photo […]

Drawing Class

For the last eight weeks I’ve been participating in a drawing class.  Although it’s been challenging (which is the point really,) I’ve definitely gained some skill. In future blogs, I’ll show you examples of some of the various techniques.  For now, I’ll show you something better:  everyone’s work from last week’s class.  Click the image […]

Set Up for Melting Sheers

I thought you might be interested in my set up for melting sheers.  Since melting plastic releases toxic fumes, I always do it under my cook top’s exhaust vent, with the fan on high.  Plus, I always wear a respirator with acid gas filters. The cook top is glass, so it’s a good working surface.  […]

If at First You Don’t Succeed

Ta-da!  It worked.  Plan B is better than my first botched attempt!  (Click photo for a larger view.) I’ll add some hand stitching to the border/background part, attach the two portions, and this piece will be complete.  (Although I think I’ll rotate it 90 degrees to the right.) I’m making this piece to swap with […]

Oops. Now What?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to make a distorted sheer blue piece to serve as the background/border for the piece in progress.  I did just that, but I forgot to take into consideration how much it would shrink when I melted it.  (Click the photo to see a larger view.) Darn […]

Melted Sheers

This is a detail shot of my current work in progress.  (Click image for a larger view.) I started with a dark blue sheer fabric.  On top of it, I scattered bits of interesting sheers:  metallic, patterned, and white.  The top layer is a hand painted sheer fabric.  I used my soldering iron to burn […]

Mini Business Cards

I’ve got a new kind of business card:  little mini ones.  Aren’t they cute?  (Click the image for a larger view.) These are about half the size of a typical business card, printed on nice card stock.  Each one features a snippet of a quilt image, with my name and website on the back.  These are like […]

Prepping for Online Design Class

Although I’ve taught each of my classes multiple times, it’s not unusual for me to make small changes each time I teach.  Maybe I have new work that serves as an example, or a better photo of something already in use. Right now, I’m prepping for my next online class, Design Your Own Nature Quilt.  […]

Sheer Shadows

In my Instant Art Quilt class, the fabric is the star.  High contrast fabrics produce dramatic results, almost without effort.  Low contrast fabrics yield very different results.  They don’t have enough drama to stand alone, but they make lovely backgrounds for further embellishment. I had the idea of using tulle applique on such a quilt.  Since […]

Redoing Projects

In between stitched collages, I really enjoy making glued ones.  Because they’re relatively quick to make, they provide a nice creative activity when I don’t have time for something more involved.   Recently, I made a four-part piece to hang above our new large screen TV.  (You can see a photo in my June newsletter.)  I […]