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Floral Improv: The Process

I thought you’d like to see a few in-progress photos from one of the Floral Improv samples. First, I auditioned fabrics to determine a color palette.  The background color is very important, too. Next, I made a few simple flowers. Then added details. See what a different that made? Next, I played with composition.  Vertical […]

Floral Improv Samples

I’ve been working on making samples for my newest class, Floral Improv.  In it, I’ll be teaching students how to make several flowers without a pattern.  Then, we’ll learn a little about composition as we consider ways to arrange them.  Each one will be very different, and I’m very excited about it! Here’s the first sample […]

Final Boca Quilts

And here they are, the final quilts produced in my recent “Grow with the Flow” class, in Boca Raton, FL. Nancy used several different colors in her background, creating an almost sunset effect. Jo thought long and hard about her accent fabrics.  Blue was an excellent choice, since it’s the complement/opposite of orange. Mary modified […]

Growing with the Flow

Want to make a “Grow with the Flow” quilt?  It’s fast and fun.  These photos of my recent class in Boca Raton, FL will give you the general idea. Step 1:  Create a monochromatic background with strips of fabrics. Click any image for a larger view Since value is an important aspect of step 1, […]

Teaching in Boca Raton

I received a really warm welcome on a recent teaching trip to Boca Raton, FL.  The first evening I gave a lecture on color. (Apparently, I’m a very animated speaker.) I showed slides of my quilt Summer in the South, in-progress.  And, since I had brought it with me, many people wanted pictures of me with the […]

Great Results in Mt. Dora

I had so much fun teaching in Mt. Dora, FL!  The first day included a lecture on color and an Instant Art Quilt class.  The next day was devoted to Double Reverse Applique. The primary project for this class is a dramatic apple. Click any image for a larger view (I’m embarrassed to report I did […]

What’s Round, and Colorful, and Messy?

What’s round and colorful and messy?  The tables at a recent color class. Click any image for a larger view The participants spent no time at all covering their tables in multiple layers of colorful papers. We used magazine pages and paint chips.  They’re easy to work worth and not precious like our fabric.  Pretty […]

More Design in Sebring

The Art Quilters Unlimited group needed very little encouragement when it came to working loosely on their quilts. Nancy limited herself to working only with scraps.  Some of them were seamed together so she used these to her advantage.  Have you ever seen such high energy coconuts? Click any image for a larger view Sue […]

Designing in Sebring

I had great fun teaching the talented quilters from Art Quilters Unlimited, at their annual retreat.  The first class was “Design Your Own Nature Quilt,” which these go-getters fully embraced. Sally used a wonderful photo she had taken at a botanical garden.  She came to class with it already cropped, but sent me the full […]

New Online Class: Grow with the Flow

The online version of “Grow with the Flow” is ready to go, starting on January 23rd.  Since online student’s have more time and space than participants in the live class, their project is larger and the proportions are taller and skinnier.  Like this: Click any image for a larger view But the fun process and dramatic project remain!  Students […]