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Making a Pojagi

Have you ever heard of pojagi?  It’s a Korean version of patchwork, designed to be hung from a window or a wall.  A pojagi only has one layer and is somewhat sheer.  Usually, the fabrics are very close in color.  The seams are what we, in the U.S., call French seams.  That is, the raw edges […]

“Quiet Dappled Light”

My haiku quilt, “Quiet Dappled Light,” is now complete. Click any image for a larger view In my opinion,the beauty of this piece lies within its details, and in the story conveyed. You may recall that it portrays a specific country road, where I grew up.  That road is very twisty and BARELY wide enough for two […]

Haiku Quilt: Paint and Sheers

 Let’s recap: – I decided to make a haiku quilt, as explained in “Art Quilt Maps,” by Valerie Goodwin. – I wrote a haiku about a favorite twisting country road. Rolling hills of green Trees right up next to the road Quiet dappled light – I began working on the background.  Using my usual collage […]

Glued Garden Collage: Part Two

Oh, I’ve had fun with this piece!  It’s SO fast and easy!  (See how I started in this post.) After establishing the sky, foliage, and little bits of flowers, I finally added the sheer green paper I had painted.  Along with the first “flower.”  Just a wacky shape of paper, really.  I think I just tore it randomly. […]

Mapping a Design

 Inspired by an old map, I’ve been working on this little quilt for a while.  I wanted to experiment with sheer fabrics, so the background is loaded with a wide variety of them.   The list includes cheesecloth, lots of decorator fabrics, and even an embroidered sheer fabric from Mood Fabrics (of Project Runway fame.)   I’ve also used paper and loosely woven craft […]

Exciting Quilt Auction!

Do you know about the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) fund raising auction?  Oh, it’s phenomenal!  Hundreds of artists have donated quilts approximately 12″ x 12″ which will be auctioned online in batches. This is the one donated by my friend, Martha Wolfe, called Nasturtium. Click image for a larger view Martha constructed this piece entirely […]

Our “Collaborations” Vignette

After arranging plants and such, our vignette looked like this: Click any image for a MUCH better/larger view. That’s Renee Decator seated near her painting, and me standing near my quilt.  The quilt at left was made by Lynn Greenberg, not shown.  Here’s a better view of Renee’s painting, Taking a Bath with You:   I […]

One More Time

In my last post, I showed you my quilt, Ripening, which was inspired by a photo.  Here it is again: Click any image for a larger view I was very happy with this quilt, so when I needed a small one for a SAQA exhibit, I decided to loosely copy it, and  Ripening II was created.   […]

Double Vision Class

My good friend, Jo-Ann Jensen, is a talented fiber and mixed media artist.  She’s particularly adept at batik and various fabric dyeing techniques.  So, I was delighted to recently preview her latest class, Double Vision. Since a picture’s worth a thousand words, let me show you what we did.  First, we each created a fabric collage […]

Bouquet of Circles

After transforming my ugly circles quilt into a vase, I needed something to go in it.  Something circular, of course.  And here it is, a fabric vase filled with a bouquet of sheer circle “flowers.”  Click any image for a larger view. I’m pretty happy with this.  What do you think? After getting the folds […]