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Looking Back: Is it Art Yet?

In the late 90s all of my quilts were very experimental.  In Solar Tide, below, I challenged myself to use my least favorite color, lime green (at the time.)  Actually, even when I still hated lime green, I could tell it enhanced this quilt.  A shocking result for me!   Since I was convinced the quilt […]

Looking Back: Kaleidoscopes Anyone?

In the mid 90s I became very intrigued by Paula Nadelstern’s kaleidoscope technique.  Thanks to her book, I was able to give it a try.  Here’s a sampling.  (Click any image for a larger view.) November Woods November Woods, detail It was great fun to plow through my various fabrics in order to find ones […]

Looking Back: The Transition Years

In the 90s I began to experiment with a variety of quilting techniques.  I tried both paper piecing and machine quilting.  (I found the latter to initially be very humbling!)  I also experimented with photo transfers in this quilt featuring photos of my young son: I also made several watercolor quilts.  This was the first: […]

Looking Back: The Early Years

I made my first quilt in 1983, as a newlywed.  My husband and I needed art to hang over the sofa, but couldn’t afford a framed painting.  But, I knew how to sew and I thought I could learn to make a quilt.  I bought a book for $10, and the fabric for another $10.  […]

Photo Safari, Continued

As part of my recent photo safari, I shot these photos in my yard.  (Click any image for a larger view.) Here in Florida, the holly berries have perfect timing.  They’re orange for Halloween, a beautiful red-orange for Thanksgiving, and red at Christmastime. We have very little fall color in my part of Florida, but […]

Photo Safari

When I need a break from my task list, I often grab my camera and head outside for a “photo safari.”  My goal is to notice the interesting things around me, perhaps in a new way.  I have fun photographing them, studying the compositions, zooming in and out, and moving my body to get interesting […]

Dirty Dozen Community Play Day

Our local group, the Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists, decided to have a play day, and we invited several others to join us.  We met at our favorite hang out, RiverHouse, and had tons of fun.  Ruth Anne showed us how to use a variety of inks.  Of special interest was marking with permanent markers and then spraying them with alcohol […]

You own HOW much fabric?!?

Don’t tell my husband, but I own about 1000 pieces of fabric.  (Maybe you do, too.)  Of course, it doesn’t do me any good to own them if I can’t find them and see them.  Plus, I  need to be able to easily pull them out and them put them away again.  Therefore, I store […]

Double Reverse Applique in Venice, FL

Last week found me in Venice, FL, teaching my Double Reverse Applique class for the Venice Area Quilters Guild.  The project for this class was a high contrast apple.  The photo below shows the first few finished apples taped up for display, as the rest of the class is reflected in the mirrored wall.  (Click the photo […]