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Working Loosely with Paper Collages

In my class, “Design Your Own Nature Quilt,” I show my students about making paper collages as a way to interpret a photo loosely.  I was introduced to this by Cherilyn Martin, and I’ve used it several times.  It’s a fun and easy project, and it there’s NO WAY to be overly exact with it.  Just […]

NYC Art: Not Always What You’d Expect

When visiting New York city, you’d excpect to find amazing art at The Met.  And we did. Click on any image for a larger view But, we also found artistry in store windows and displays.  Like the paper “dress” on this mannequin at Papyrus.     Later, I stumbled upon Lion Brand Yarn Studio, a […]

Mountain Impressions

Well, I did it.  I had those mountain images in my head so much that I just had to do a quick collage.  This time with magazine pages. I wanted to depict the blue sky, snow-covered mountain tops, and bare Aspen trees.  I looked at several photos to get me going, but I relied primarily on […]

Art Camp Under the Trees

On a recent vacation, I wandered through an art supply store with my mom, sister, and three nieces.  It didn’t take long for the art bug to bite and we were chomping at the bit to create some art!  After purchasing just a few supplies, we headed back to our cabins for “art camp.”  Since […]

Tea Book Finished!

Finally.  I’ve finished the book and I think it’s “tea-riffic!”  (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Click any image for a larger view  All the black writing and drawings are on clear acetate, which form partial overlays on each interior page.  I photographed them at angle to avoid glare. In addition to glued fabric collage, most pages include either […]

Tea Bags: “Pretty” Colors

Lately, I’ve seen several mixed media projects using tea bag papers as materials.  This was intriguing to me, so I decided to give it a try.  And since I’m a big iced tea drinker, it was no problem to start saving my tea bags. After letting the bags dry, usually 2 at a time, I pulled […]

Paper Lace as Hair

After reading my post about making paper lace, A. Carole Grant sent me a photo of a quilt in which she created hair with the same technique. Carole explained to me her technique for creating the hair.  She used paper that’s designed to be used on doctors’ examining tables.  She placed it on the quilt and […]

Paper Lace

I just recently learned about paper lace and decided to give it a try.  If you’ve made thread lace on water soluble stabilizer, the technique is very similar. Start by layering several layers of paper together.  Select papers that are a little bit fragile, like newspaper or tissue paper.  Next, stitch a grid or other […]

Art Swap

“Paper paintings” artist, Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, and I have recently swapped commissioned work with one another.  This is my Cupcake piece from Elizabeth. Click any image for a larger view. Oh, I’m a lucky girl, because I LOVE this little collage!  (It’s 12″ x 12″.) Elizabeth’s work is created exclusively with collage.  She uses […]

Tips: Making Note Cards

Would you like to make your own note cards?  They’re fast, easy, and a great way to use little scraps of paper, fabric, and novelty items. Start by painting the paper for the card bodies.  Select a fairly heavy paper that can handle getting very wet.  Paper intended for Watercolor or Wet Media is a good choice.  A size of […]