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Farm Quilt: Home Stretch

After completing the sky and fields, I quilted everything in place.  Next, I pinned the barns into position.  I didn’t stitch them yet, because I thought the tree might affect the placement. I spent quite a bit of time trying out fabrics for the tree. Click on any image for a larger view I needed […]

“Carefree” Complete

My latest quilt, Carefree, is now complete, and I’m VERY happy with it! Click any image for a larger view I’ve heard it said that your favorite quilt is your most recent one, and that’s definitely true for me with this quilt.  For me, some of the appeal is the subject:  my son and two […]

What Color is Skin?

As I studied the inspiration photo for my current quilt, I realized that caucasian skin is WAY more diverse than just tan!  As a matter of fact, since the people in my quilt are backlit, their skin looks pretty dark. Click on any image for a larger view After increasing the contrast, this was even more […]

Mountain Impressions

Well, I did it.  I had those mountain images in my head so much that I just had to do a quick collage.  This time with magazine pages. I wanted to depict the blue sky, snow-covered mountain tops, and bare Aspen trees.  I looked at several photos to get me going, but I relied primarily on […]