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“Crisscross” Complete

Here’s my finished palm frond quilt, which I’ve named “Crisscross.”  I’m quite happy with it! Click any image for a larger view “Crisscross,” detail: 30″h x 40″w, $1250 US As with all my quilts, you can audition this one in your home for two weeks before commiting to the purchase.  Find the details here.  Ellen […]

Palm Frond Quilt Progressing

 In a recent post, I showed you the early stages of my palm frond quilt, as I auditioned the width of the spikes.  Although they looked good skinny, I decided to fatten them up, since this was more consistent with my sketch.  Here’s the first frond underway with the new wider spokes.  I was definitely liking the contrast between […]

“Portfolio 19” Free Online

 There’s a REALLY EXCELLENT online quilt book I know you’ll want to see.  And it’s free!  “Portfolio” is put out each year by SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates.)  The most recent version is “Portfolio 19.”  My quilt, “Crotons” is in the book, and I was delighted to see it  used on the introduction page for the […]

Starting a New Quilt: Palm Fronds

I’m having great fun working on my latest quilt.  It’s inspired by a photo I took on an outing with some friends. Click any imagerfor a larger view Don’t you love the way the spiky palm fronds cross?  I think the contrasting values and the resulting shapes are very interesting. Although the photo already had […]

Cocoa Beach Retreat

Once again, my local fiber art group went on a weekend retreat to Cocoa Beach, FL.  As always, we had a fantastic time! The wine was opened Friday afternoon and Gabrielle, Jill, and Ruth Anne enjoyed a glass. Click any image for a larger view Of course, being at the beach, we had to do […]

Out and About in Washington, DC

Our nation’s capitol is such a beautiful city.  The combination of federal buildings and monuments, as well as the vast green expanse of “the mall” is, I think, unmatched anywhere in the U.S.  There’s so much to see.  Like the many monuments. Even Union Station (train station) is a welcoming sight to travelers.  This is […]

The Library of Congress is GORGEOUS

 Have you ever visited the Library of Congress?  Oh my, it’s a BEAUTIFUL building!  Starting with the exterior. Click any image for a larger view   The ceilings are extraordinary.  Many of them are mosaics, like the one below.  The huge central hall is two stories high and filled with light.  Large marble staircases flank each side, […]

Stitch and Slash

I recently took an online class called “Stitch and Slash.”  Taught by Carol Ann Waugh, it was extremely well done and tons of fun!  As the name implies, the basic idea is to top stitch several layers of fabric, then slash into each one (with a seam ripper,) to reveal subsequent layers.  I have to […]

Elvis Lives. At Least in Fabric

Do you remember the Elvis fabric used in the fabric bombing of my front yard?  I left it, and the other fabrics, up for a month.  (No complaints from my neighbors, but I didn’t want to risk it much longer.)  I thought you’d like a report on how these fabrics held up to both strong […]