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Fabric in the Mail

I’m a lucky girl.  I got this in the mail today:  fabric scraps from Judith Content. Click on any image for a larger view Judith is a very talented fabric artist who dyes all her own fabric.  She sent me scraps as a thank you for recruiting SAQA members.  How nice! Can you tell they’re […]

My View: Messy Studio Table

I haven’t had much time to work on my farm quilt lately.  The view of my work table (which is double wide) will give you some clues as to what I’ve been up to instead. Click for a larger view if you can stand the mess Let’s see how good you are at solving puzzles. 1 […]

Anyone Want a Victorian House?

Anyone want a Victorian house?  That is, a cross-stitched Victorian house that’s incomplete? Click any image for a larger view I cross-stitched this many years ago, but eventually lost interest in it. Although I tossed the directions, I saved the house thinking that it could some day be included in a quilt or other collage.  And […]

Farm Quilt: Adding Barns and Making MORE Changes

              I added the barns to my farm quilt and was quite happy with them. Click any image for a larger view In places I had to modify the trees and sky behind the barns in order to create enough contrast. Of course, it wasn’t long before I noticed […]

Farm Quilt: Creating Fields

After creating the sky and tree line of my farm quilt, I was ready to tackle the fields. I drew the main lines and the road directly onto the muslin base with a permanent marker.  After LOTS of fabric auditions, I got started cutting and placing. Click any image for a larger view I used […]

“As I Watch in Wonder”

Here’s my latest quilt, finally photographed. Click on any image for a larger view I call it “As I Watch in Wonder,” because it reminds me of watching a beautiful sunset, with bare tree branches in the foreground. To go along with that idea I stitched a large tree branch as part of the quilting.  To mimic […]