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Houston Vendors: Oh My!

Wow, the vendors at Houston were phenomenal.! I wasn’t too excited about them initally, since I went primarily to see the quilts.  SILLY GIRL!  What was I thinking?  Once I ventured into the over stimulation of major eye candy and  lots of people, I discovered all sorts of wonderful things.  Several of which I’d never […]

Hanging Quilts with No Nails

For my “Around the Neighborhood” reception, I needed to hang an abundance of quilts without making holes in my walls.  My first task was to find  hanging slats for each piece. Since I have a bunch of these already cut, I was able to mix and match and I only had to cut a few more.  […]

“Around the Neighborhood” Studio Conversion

For my art reception, I needed to use my studio as display space.  Plus, I wanted to show my visitors a little about my process. Wow, what a job!  Here’s the view of my studio after moving most of the stuff under the two tables.  You know:  light box, framed art, shipping boxes, portable ironing surface, […]

“Around the Neighborhood” Home Gallery

I staged my “Around the Neighborhood” exhibit in my own home.  That meant removing some quilts that didn’t fit the theme, and adding others in their places.  It took some mental gymnastics to figure out what would fit (and look good) where, what hanging slat to use with what, what needed to have new holes […]

“Around the Neighborhood” Art Reception

I had so much fun yesterday!  I hosted an art reception in my home and invited all my neighbors.  Quite a few enthusiastic people came and I had a great time talking about my art!  Even with these out-of-focus photos, I think you can tell the place was hopping. I called the reception/exhibit “Around the […]

Yes, More Quilt Photos

Can you belive I STILL have more quilt photos to show you, from Houston?  Well, I do! There were several striking exhibits that did not allow photography.  That included two exhibits put on by SAQA:  “Text Messages”and “People and Portraits.”   The latter included a touch book.  It’s a book with pages from each of the artists […]

Still More Quilts from Festival

Here are some more of the quilts that caught my eye in Houston. You’ll definitely want to click on each image for a larger view!  This is “You Are What You Eat,” by Kathy York.  Her deer is filled entirely with flowers, since that’s what it’s been eating!  This charming quilt won an Honorable Mention in […]

Captivating Colorado

I wrote this post about a year ago, but for some reason I never posted it!  So, here you go. I’m just back from a fantastic teaching trip to Colorado. This time my husband tagged along and we had an additional two days to explore. Click on any image for a larger view I HAD to […]

More Houston Quilts

More quilts that caught my attention: Click any image for a larver view I love the abstraction in Thelma Bearden’s Very Berries.   As well as the glowing stained glass quality.   In contrast to the hard edges in the quilt above, Marianne Willimason’s pieces are always very impressionistic, with soft edges.  She calls this one Evening Garden […]

Houston Quilts: Oh My!

Wow!  I’m just back from a trip to Houston, TX, where I attended the International Quilt Festival.  It was AMAZING!  Extraordinary quilts, old friends, vendors with tons of appealing wares, new friends, and fun experiences.  (And fatigue, before I learned to pace myself.) But, I know what you want to see first:  the quilts, right?  Here are […]