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Ti Plants: From Inspiration to Completion

My latest quilt, High Ti, is now complete and I’m quite happy with it. Click any image for a larger view Detail view: If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I tried to work very loosely on this piece.  I looked at the photo for inspiration only and then put it away.  Now, […]

Ti Plants: Border Solutions

In an earlier post, I told you about starting this fun quilt featuring ti plants.  Since then, I’ve added some darker purple leaves, as well as an inner and outer border.  Here it is before quilting. Click any image for a larger view. Of course, the tricky thing with borders is making sure they relate to […]

“Let’s Go to Luckenbach Texas”

Have you ever heard the country song, “Let’s Go to Luckenbach Texas?”  While in Texas, we stumbled upon this interesting spot and stopped in for a brief visit. Although we expected a town, instead we found a little attraction of sorts.  It’s set in a beautiful rural area, with sprawling oak trees.  There are about […]

Inspiration in San Antonio

I really enjoy traveling to some place new, learning a little about it, and NOTICING all the interesting scenery and customs.  Such was the case on a recent trip to San Antonio. One of the first things we noticed in this historic city was people wearing sashes loaded with pins.  What was up with this, […]

Modern Art at “The Met”

This huge undulating piece was very interesting.  It’s wall sized, with a lot of folds and wrinkles. Click any image for a larger view. It’s made out of…well, I’m not sure.  Bottle tops?  Something like that.  I’m sorry that I didn’t record the artist. Chuck Close’s portrait, Lucas was also huge – and very compelling. […]

New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you ever get a chance to visit this museum, you simply MUST!  Even if you’re not a big art fan.  It includes huge Egyptian buildings, vignettes of American furniture, sculptures, impressionist art by “the biggies,” unusual contemporary art, suits of armor, and much more.  No wonder it’s the most visited attraction in the city! […]

New York City Inspiration: Through a Tourist’s Eyes

I spent the bulk of this past week in New York City, with my family.  It was fabulous!  (But cold.)  We had lots of fun doing the usual tourist things, and, of course, I took lots of photos of those activities.  But, I also found myself reaching for the camera A LOT, just to record […]