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“Natural Progression” Complete!

Here’s the final piece, with stitching added.  The stitching does three things: – It structurally holds everything together. – It adds texture. – When a constrasting thread is used, it adds a visual line that becomes a design element.  The petals are an example of this last item.  I used dark brown thread to add […]

Nearly There

Next, I decided on the size and placement of the seed heads.  And, I pinned down (literally) the flower centers. Finally, it was time to add stems. Then, on to some much needed shading (below.)  This helped create definition between the petals.  (Compare the before image above, and the after, below.) To create the shading I used […]

Flower Buds

Since I wanted to show all the stages of these flowers, I needed to add in a few buds.  (I left the seed heads alone for a little while longer.) At this point, the two small buds (near center top) gained an unexpected 3D effect.  Since the petals were not stitched down yet, they flared […]

That’s a Wrap!

Did I mention I was going to do a TV interview?  Well, last night was the night.  After lots of preparation with my co-interviewee, Dij Pacarro, we were anxious to talk about fiber art on “Focus on Art,” a local show. It ended up being rather fun, and we were both pleased with it.  (Although we haven’t […]

More Flowers Appearing

20Hmm. Yeah, that last flower (on the right) was a little too large.  Although it looked fine, I knew that it would crowd the rest of the composition, causing the flowers to overlap too much. That would make it harder to tell them apart, and I’d lose the nice contrast with the background.  So, I […]

An Exciting Invitation

I was recently surprised to receive an email from the Art in Embassies program.  This program borrows art from artists, museums, etc. and installs them in the residencies of American ambassadors all over the world.  Artists can apply to participate in this program, but I never got around to it.  However, the program found me.  […]

Back to my Latest Piece

(If you want to see where this all began, start here.) After constructing the first flower, I worked on the second one, in the same fashion. Again, I delayed adding the dark center,.  However, I folded some dark fabric and pinned it in place, just to get the proper effect.  Hey, looking good! At this point, […]

Final Exhibit Photos

These photos represent the final ones from the Dirty Dozen Exposed! 2009 exhibit.  (Click on any image for a larger view.)   Many of these pieces are for sale, and one has sold already! The exhibit is on display through October 31st.  If you’re in Melbourne, FL, I hope you’ll get to see it! See more […]

Even More Exhibit Photos

The following photos show more of the wonderful artwork currently on display in the the Dirty Dozen Exposed! 2009 exhibit.  (Click on any photo for a larger view.)  Two of my small pieces are shown in the next photo, bottom right.  They are Reflections, and Bird of Paradise. Ripening,  My piece is the largest one in the […]

More Exhibit Photos

Sue asked for more exhibit photos, so here are photos of the three group projects. The first is our self-portraits.  These are integral to the group, since completion of one is a criteria for membership.  Mine is the purple silhouette on the right, done six years ago.  (Click on any image for a larger view.) Next […]