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What to Do with an Ugly Quilt

This quilt is one of the ugliest I’ve ever made.  It’s called Bread and Butter and it’s made with torn strips of fabric. Click any image for a larger view Ugh.  I’m not sure it has any redeeming qualities.  But, I always like to learn from my mistakes, so I asked myself “If I had […]

A Visit to Church in Seoul

Andrew had a lot of fun seeing the sights of Seoul with his friend, YoungSu.  She toured him around Insadong and Hongdae and had him try lots of interesting street food. She also invited us to church.  Andrew and I accepted and headed out on the 1 hour subway trip.  The church campus was huge!  And […]

How NOT to Make a Glued Collage

I‘ve been wanting to make a new sample for my Sticky Fingers class:  white flowers on a red background.  So, I glued up the background and started playing with loose flower shapes. Click any image for a larger view Although I sketched some flowers, I wanted to interpret them very loosely, so I didn’t make […]

Everyday Details in Korea

Being away from home for 10 days meant a trip to a Laundromat.  It turns out that they’re very scarce.  This closest one took 1 hour on the subway.  (We got smart and took a taxi instead.)  The proprietors were very nice.  They loaded our clothes for us and offered us water.  The shop was […]

Notes for a Friend, #10-12

Although it might seem like I’ve only had Korea on the brain, I’ve actually been doing lots of artsy things in the month since our return. You may recall that I started a few new “Notes for a Friend” at an art festival, where I asked passersby to help me select fabrics.  I’ve now completed Notes […]

Seoul’s Subway

The subway in Seoul is said to be the best in the world.  Based on my limited experience, I can’t argue with that. One of the best things about it is the glass wall between the riders and the tracks.  Like the shuttle trains in airports.  This not only provides rider safety, but it also […]

Folk Museum: Celebrations and Festivities

While exploring the Korean Folk Museum, we came across an engaged couple who were having pictures taken.  This was the perfect setting for photos of them wearing traditional garb.  They’ll most likely do more wearing Western wedding clothing. Click on any image for a larger view Korean couples take wedding photos well in advance.  Obviously, […]

Korean Folk Museum

We really enjoyed the Korean Folk Museum, about an hour south of Seoul.  It featured traditional buildings which had been moved from their original locations to this beautiful wooded site. This first photo shows a nobleman’s home.  It was actually a compound of buildings housed within a wall. Click any image for a larger view  […]

“A Garden for Peggy”

Way back on May 6th, I showed you the design process for a new small quilt.  After completing the design and the background, I was ready to work on the flowers.  Referencing my photo and my sketch, I placed the two flower centers.  But, as you can see, they’re not brown/black anymore.  I switched them […]