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Most Beautiful Book

I own the world’s most beautiful book, and I’m about to show it to you!  But first, a little background.  I purchased this book in the gift shop of the Cathedral of Ste. Chapelle, in Paris.  Ste. Chapelle, is a BEAUTIFUL cathedral, known for its stained glass windows.  The cathedral was built by Louis IX in the 13th […]

Be Inspired by Your Photo

“Be inspired by your photo, not owned by it.” Sticking to this as our class motto, the ladies in Design Your Own Nature Quilt produced exciting work.  This often required working slightly outside their comfort zones, but they were willing to do so, achieving  great results. Donna used a photo of two Trillium.  She rearranged them within her […]

Sarasota “Design Your Own Nature Quilt” Workshop

On my second day in Sarasota, I taught Design Your Own Nature Quilt to a great group of women.  This is my favorite class to teach because the students gain a lot of skill and confidence.  However, getting there can be slightly intimidating since the students put several new concepts to work.  Therefore, the class […]

“An Apple a Day” Continued

An Apple a Day is the title of the pattern we use in my Double Reverse Applique class.  I’ve given the technique this name because: 1- Fabric is cut away to reveal the fabric below it, and 2 – Since the stitching is done from the back, there’s a second kind of reversal. This is Pam’s […]

Sarasota “Double Reverse Applique” Workshop

Oh my, did we have fun on my recent teaching trip to Sarasota, Florida!  For starters, I taught my half-day Double Reverse Applique class. The photo below shows my teaching display.  The pattern matches the red apple, but as you can see, it’s awesome in any color variation. Lou and Denise (L-R) stayed busy:  Click any photo […]

3 Steps Forward, 2 Steps Back: Collage Finished

Before stitching my collage for the American Cancer Society, I decided to cover it with tulle (bridal netting,) to help control all the tiny pieces.  The photo below shows me auditioning two colors.  I decided on white.   You can see that the white tulle dampens the strong black a little (below.)  However, I decided […]

Collage for Cancer – Part 2

I was worried that the stems for my little collage might be too chunky for the petal/flower shapes.  I auditioned the combination and got this: Just as I suspected.  It looks more like birthday candles than foliage.  (And the colorful flowers will need a much better arrangement, as well.)  So, back to the drawing board […]

Beauty in the Produce Section

I’ve always wanted to buy a star fruit, but have resisted due to the price.   Recently, however, I was given one (by a gym member who grows them.)  I couldn’t wait to slice it open and see the beautiful pattern.  And it did not disappoint me! Is that not gorgeous?!?  I love it!  This one […]

Collage for a Cause

Using the appeal of art quilts, Virginia Spiegel has done a fantastic job raising funds for the American Cancer Society.  In past years she’s asked artists to donate small quilts, which were later distributed online, in return for ACS pledges. This year, the project is “Tote Tuesdays” which will feature themed tote bags, each filled with a variety of small art […]

Second Little Box

In an earlier post, I showed you how I collaged a little box.  For the second box, I wanted to try something completely different. I decided to paint it in a process similar to the one used by Renee Decator.  The basic idea is to texture the surface with molding paste, randomly apply opaque paint, and then apply transparent […]