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Creative Play: Photo to Abstract

In my last creative exercise, I once again took inspiration from Pat Pauly and used one of her techniques for creating an abstract design from a photo. First, I cropped one of my printed photos down to 7.5 x 10. I was aiming for something that was divisible by 2.5, so I could cut it […]

A Postcard for Mary

When our SAQA “pod” leader decided to step down, the rest of us chose to make postcards for her, as a “thank you” gift. I had the perfect scraps, given to me by Judith Content. Click any image for a larger view I thought about proportions and “sweet spots” (good spots for focal points,) and came up […]

I Did It Again

I cut up a finished quilt. Don’t panic, though.  The quilt just wasn’t that great.  Here it is, As I Watched in Wonder. Click any image for a larger view Thankfully, the colors aren’t quite so jarring in person, but this quilt just never quite sang.  (At least not on key!)  It had wonderful little details of […]

“Lava to the Sea” Complete

As waves of lava meet waves of water they showcase the power and beauty of nature. Such was the inspiration for this piece,”Lava to the Sea.”  The central panel suggested the subject and I ran with it. Click any image for a larger view I added a good bit of hand stitching to the left side […]

“Taking Flight”

My latest quilt, Taking Flight,  is complete. Click any image for a larger view It’s success is due, in large part, to the wonderful fabrics given to me by Judith Content.  Aren’t they dramatic? Here are a few detail shots. This piece was a joy to work on and I’m delighted with the results! It’s available for […]

“As I Watch in Wonder”

Here’s my latest quilt, finally photographed. Click on any image for a larger view I call it “As I Watch in Wonder,” because it reminds me of watching a beautiful sunset, with bare tree branches in the foreground. To go along with that idea I stitched a large tree branch as part of the quilting.  To mimic […]

Second UFO Complete

This is God Bless You, the other UFO (unfinished object) I recently completed. Like the first UFO, I worked on this one, primarily, in medical waiting rooms.  Fortunately, I got to know many others who were also waiting and I made some good friends.  One of them always said “God Bless You.”  And He did bless me […]

UFOs No More

You know about UFOs, right?  Unfinished objects?  Like all quilters, I have my fair share.  The holiday break seemed like a good time to dig some out, rather than to start something new.  So, I worked on two very small collages, adding lots of hand stitching. This one is called Making New Friends, photographed on […]