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Floral Improv: The Process

I thought you’d like to see a few in-progress photos from one of the Floral Improv samples. First, I auditioned fabrics to determine a color palette.  The background color is very important, too. Next, I made a few simple flowers. Then added details. See what a different that made? Next, I played with composition.  Vertical […]

Floral Improv Samples

I’ve been working on making samples for my newest class, Floral Improv.  In it, I’ll be teaching students how to make several flowers without a pattern.  Then, we’ll learn a little about composition as we consider ways to arrange them.  Each one will be very different, and I’m very excited about it! Here’s the first sample […]

Tropical Flowers

Of course, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden featured not only art glass, but many beautiful and exotic plants throughout its 83 acres.  Here are a few favorite shots from our visit. Click on any image for a larger view Isn’t this orchid gorgeous? Don’t tropical plants have a lot of attitude?  Just look at the shape […]

Chihuly’s Citron

More photos from our visit to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, in Coral Gables, FL, featuring the art glass of Dale Chihuly.  This sculpture is called “Citron.”  Partially hidden by trees, it was hard to get a clear shot of it.  This one is looking up the hill. Click any image for a larger view And some […]

“Ti Party”

My latest little quilt was one of the most fun I’ve ever made! Click any image for a larger view I call it “Ti Party,” because the plants shown are Japanese Ti (tea) plants. And it does look like a party, doesn’t it? But, the label says “No politics.  Just vivid color.” Why was this quilt so […]

“Dancing Toward the Sun”

Here’s my latest quilt, “Dancing Toward the Sun.”  I’m quite happy with it. Click on any image for a much larger view I love the personality of the piece.  To me, the little sprout is moving and grooving as it basks in the warm rays of the sun.  You can see that, right? In addition to being […]

“Summer in the South” Complete

My piece “Summer in the South” is now complete: Click any image for a larger view Here’s a closer image: If you’re a southerner, perhaps you can also feel the heat and hear the cicada bugs in the background.  All part of living in the south during the summer. This piece is available for purchase.  […]

Crepe Myrtle Quilt Progressing

After completing the background for my crepe myrtle quilt, I got to work on the  foliage.  I followed my sketch closely and it looked like this. (See the sketch and design process in this previous post.) Click any image for a larger view By scrunching my fabrics in the blades of my scissors as I was cutting, […]

Getting Started on a Crepe Myrtle Quilt

Do you have Crepe Myrtles in your area?  They thrive here in the south and I just love them.  Not only are their blossoms beautiful, but their shapes and their trunks are as well.  I especially like the way the branches droop when they have heavy blossoms on them. To start designing the quilt, I […]

Patriotic Poppies?

Although I didn’t make my latest  collage as a patriotic piece, perhaps I can get away with using it in that way.  So “Happy Independence Day” to my American readers! Click on any image for a larger view White Poppies, above, with detail below. This piece is entirely glued. It’s a great technique which requires no […]