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Seoul’s Subway

The subway in Seoul is said to be the best in the world.  Based on my limited experience, I can’t argue with that. One of the best things about it is the glass wall between the riders and the tracks.  Like the shuttle trains in airports.  This not only provides rider safety, but it also […]

Folk Museum: Celebrations and Festivities

While exploring the Korean Folk Museum, we came across an engaged couple who were having pictures taken.  This was the perfect setting for photos of them wearing traditional garb.  They’ll most likely do more wearing Western wedding clothing. Click on any image for a larger view Korean couples take wedding photos well in advance.  Obviously, […]

Korean Folk Museum

We really enjoyed the Korean Folk Museum, about an hour south of Seoul.  It featured traditional buildings which had been moved from their original locations to this beautiful wooded site. This first photo shows a nobleman’s home.  It was actually a compound of buildings housed within a wall. Click any image for a larger view  […]

Korean Food

Korean food is, well, different.  I can’t say I’m a fan, but I didn’t go hungry either.  Andrew was familiar with many of the dishes and was anxious to try them.  So, I did too. This one, called patbingsu  (pot-bing-sue) really excited him. Click any image for a larger view It’s shaved ice with milk […]

A Boy and His Bulgogi

  Andrew is crazy about bulgogi, a traditional Korean dish.  It’s usually made with strips of beef, with broth and noodles added.  This version came in a very hot and very large  pot.  The clear noodles are called glass noodles. Click any image to enlarge Although Andrew loves bulgogi, my husband and I found it […]

Gyungbokgoong Palace

Gyungbokgoong  Palace was the primary palace of the Joseon Dynasty, (1300-1900.)  More than an official residence, it also housed many servants and court officials, as well as the goods and tools needed to meet the needs of such a large group.  Our first glimpse was through the massive front gates. Here’s a closer view.  I intentionally showed […]

Changing of the Guard: Gyungbokgoong Palace

What’s brightly colored, traditionally attired, and moves with precision?  The Gyungbokgoong  Palace “guards” during their changing ceremony. Click any image for a larger view The commander inspected each guard. And then they posed for pictures.  (Of course.) Pretty cool. Ellen Lindner

Dinner at the Market

Gwang-jang Market was different from anything we’d ever experienced.  It’s huge, with a wide variety of tiny shops, food stalls, and lots of people.  (No Westerners, though.) Click any image for a larger view We arrived around 6 PM, so the only vendors still open were the food stalls.  There were tons of them, each offering a […]


Our hotel is near the area of Insadong.  This is a bustling area with narrow streets, lots of pedestrians, and oodles of shops and vendors vying for your money.  Yet, it’s far from “touristy” in the American way.  Instead, it’s rather charming, with tree-lined streets, unique vendors, tiny shops, and “Mom and Pop” businesses. This shot […]

National Museum of Korea

We started out visit to Seoul with a trip to the National Museum of Korea.  We hoped that it would give us an overview of the history and it served that purpose well. Click any image for a larger view One of the highlights of the museum’s collection is the”10 Story Pagoda,” on display in […]