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Lights, Camera, Action!

If only it were that easy!  I’m really excited about producing free videos for my website, but (as with so many things I take on,) I’ve found it to be a bigger project than I anticipated.  No worries, I’m taking it one step at a time and steadily making progress.  So far, I’ve learned about […]

Video Lighting

Wow!  Do you have any idea how bright 1120 watts is?  Here’s a hint.  Can you say “burnt retinas?”  I mean we are talking BRIGHT!!! I’ve just gained this knowledge after my new video lights arrived.  We did a quick set up in the living room and got this: Click any image for a larger […]

Finishing Details: Mountain Meadow

I’m winding down on Mountain Meadow, so it’s time to add the facing and other finishing details.  First, the signature.  (You sign your quilts, right?  I do, and I consider it an important part of completing the piece.) I have a terrible time stitching my signature straight, so I rely on good ‘ole painters tape […]

Flower Wagon Group Results

Way back in May of 2010, I offered up some photos of a flower wagon as the starting point for a challenge. Several people, (including me,)  have created quilts or other art using these photos. ( Just search on Flower Wagon Challenge to see all related posts.)  Contempos, a group in Sarasota, FL also took up […]

Embassy Publications!

My quilt, Lakeside Citrus, is currently on loan to the U.S. State Department and on display in the residence of the U.S. Ambassador to Estonia.  Pretty cool, huh? The State Department runs a program called “Art in Embassies,” through which artwork is placed in U.S. embassies around the world.  An exhibit catalog is created for each […]

Fund Raiser to Benefit Injured Military Personnel

I’m very happy to be participating in a fund raising exhibit called All 4 Love, to benefit Sentinels of Freedom Space Coast.  They offer “life scholarships” to severely injured military personnel returning to the east coast of Florida. 70 artists have donated art to the exhibit, each piece on a 10″ x 10″ canvas, (except […]

Caught in the Act of Teaching

On a recent teaching trip to Vero Beach, FL, one of the students, Helen Gene was kind enough to take several shots of me in action. I was teaching the half day version of Double Reverse Applique to a very attentive group of students. Click any image for a larger view We started by talking about the […]