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Working With Intent or Without?

I’m NOT a natural athlete.  Back when I was taking tennis lessons, I just aimed for the middle of the opposite court and was happy to keep it between the lines.  But, my instructor encouraged me to “hit with intent.”  To notice my opponent’s position and direction of movement, and to aim accordingly. When making quilts […]

Accordion Book Sample

I’m currently editing my next video, which shows how to create a simple accordion book.  I thought you’d enjoy seeing a sneak peak of some of the screen shots. Click any image for a larger view These mixed media books are so fast and easy that they’re almost addicting. I think both hand and machine […]

Smiles and Apples and Pears, Oh My!

One of the exciting things about teaching is seeing my students achieve great results, and the joy they find in doing so.  These photos, from a recent Show and Tell in Jacksonville, FL, show Double Reverse Applique students showing off their work.   During the class, students made an apple using the very easy DRA technique.  And, several […]

Barn Progress

As you can tell from my messy studio, I’m still in the midst of the barn quilt.  (I don’t do much cleaning up or putting away until the end of a project.) Click any image for a larger view. After buying all those new fabrics, I had to audition a few changes.  What about multiple […]

I NEEDED More Fabric – REALLY!

I wouldn’t kid about needing fabric now, would I?  And, actually, I did.  I’ve been working on my barn quilt, and decided that the sky needed something.  I liked the patterns near the top, but I thought the mottled fabrics at the horizon were a little boring.  But, I didn’t have more  patterned fabrics that […]

Barn Quilt Progressing

I’ve made quite a bit of progress with my barn quilt, and have been enjoying it a lot.  After completing the sky (more or less,) it was time for mountains and woods.  I cut the mountains from one fabric, but the woods are made up from lots of bits cut from fabrics I painted. (I […]