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Art Quilts Revealed

I’m really excited about an upcoming event in Melbourne, FL.  It’s called “Art Quilts Revealed” and it will be presented/hosted by my small art group, the Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists.  We’ll have lots of quilts on display, explanations of many of our techniques, and demos every half hour. It will be  held in Art More […]

Major Digital Manipulation

As mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve been experimenting with printing digital images to fabric and then quilting them.  For my third project, I decided to work large.  Partly to see how bad things would pixelate, and partly because I wanted to interpret a favorite photo at a size appropriate for a certain spot in my […]

Photo Inspiration – Part Two

More photo inspired from a recent “Design Your Own Nature Quilt” class. Winnie’s inspiration photo showed a busy forest floor with dappled sunlight and pink flowers.  She cropped way in, focusing on just two blossoms.  Much more effective (and easier to construct as this scale.)  She also darkened the background fabrics, allowing the pink flowers […]

Photo Inspiration – Part One

In my class, “Design Your Own Nature Quilt,” each student starts with her/his own inspiration photo.  It sure is tempting to perfectly replicate a photo you’re in love with!  But, after learning some design principles, they almost always find something upon which to improve. Our class motto,  “Be inspired by your photo, not owned by it,”  was […]

Ti Plants: From Inspiration to Completion

My latest quilt, High Ti, is now complete and I’m quite happy with it. Click any image for a larger view Detail view: If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I tried to work very loosely on this piece.  I looked at the photo for inspiration only and then put it away.  Now, […]

Designing a Plan

In an earlier post, I showed you some of the photos I took in a local florist’s garden area.  Since I was making a quilt with this as my inspiration source, my dilemma was editing the imagery down to something useful, but still visually pleasing.  I decided to use a compilation of images, and began to work […]

Too Much Inspiration

I’m involved in a collaborative project in which art quilters and other artists create new work based on a shared theme.  My group has decided to use the garden area of a local florist as our inspiration. Click any image for a larger view. There’s certainly PLENTY to pique your interest here!  Hot pink bouganvilla cascading from […]

Mountain Meadow, Early Developments

Want to see what I’m working on?  It’s inspired by a photo taken at one of my favorite spots:  an overlook on the Blue Ridge Drive.  But, as you can see, I turned away from the distant view and noticed the one behind me.  The setting sun gave the grass a wonderful golden hue! Click any […]

Daylight in the Garden of Peace and Serenity

The Bonaventure Cemetery is the epitome of “the Old South.”  Located near Savannah, Georgia, it has graves dating back to before the civil war, as well as recent ones.  Many of them have impressive statues or monuments, all nestled under the branches of mature oaks.  Spanish moss drapes from the huge oak branches and sways […]

Celebrity Treatment

I had great fun this week, when I was interviewed for a local interior design magazine, called Spaces.  The writer, photographer, and editor all showed up at my house for the event.  What fun!  While I was busy talking to Maria Sonnenberg, the writer, the other two rearranged furniture and accessories, in order to properly […]