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Student Work: “A Gardener’s Delight”

  Check out the fabulous quilt made by Barb Gardener, called “A Gardener’s Delight.”  (Click on it to see the details.)  She created a wonderful composition, used color and contrast to create a focal point, and showed depth with the sizes of the flowers.  Wonderful!  And what about the shapes of the flowers?  Don’t they have […]

Blue Tape and Blue Ribbons

I recently entered one of my quilts in an art show.  You know, the kind with paintings, sculpture, etc.  This was my first venture into an exhibit that wasn’t geared exclusively toward quilts. In order to comply with hanging requirements, I had to figure out how to have each of my two entries hang on […]

Teaching in Sun City Center, Part Two

What fun we had in my Double Reverse Applique class in Sun City Center!  The students had excellent results! What colorful produce! This in-progress apple, below, shows a bit of the technique.  Early patches are sewn down over-sized.  Later overlapping pieces properly define the patches underneath.  With this process, the background fabrics are often the last […]

Dying Eggs with Onion Skins

I saw instructions online for dying eggs with onion skins, and I just had to give it a try! These are the supplies that are needed:  eggs (uncooked,) onion skins, little flowers and/or leaves, thread or string, and a cooking pot. Click any image for a larger view The idea is to capture the flowers […]

Teaching in Sun City Center, Part One

In February, I got to teach for the Kings Point Quilters, in Sun City Center, FL.  They’re an extremely creative  group!  The display board below gives you an idea.  It shows 6″ x 6″ quilts  they made for display in a local library. Click any image for a larger view The guild is also very […]

Champagne Brunch and Tablescapes

When I was vending at EGAD in Bloom, a champagne brunch was held as part of the festivities.  I got to see the room afterward and it was clear that much fun was had! The stage was set with a variety of designer tables around the perimeter of the room.  Some of them were functional, […]

Titusville, FL Spring Art Show

My quilt, Crisscross, is one of two that I’m entering in this weekend’s Titusville, FL art show. Click any image for a larger view The second one is High Ti: This will be the first time I’ve entered my work in a mixed media show, so I’m very curious to see how it will be […]

Revamping a Shirt

 There once was a shirt with lovely 3D organza flowers. But, the organza DID NOT like  it’s visit to the dryer, so those lovely flowers turned into a tangled mess. Click any image for a larger view  You get the idea. Since only the embellishments were damaged, I thought I could do some sort of […]

EGAD in Bloom

 I was very happy with my first vending experience, at EGAD in Bloom.  It was definitely a LOT of work, but it was also a lot of fun.  This photo shows my display.  The room was a little dark, but an overhead light happened to shine exactly on my two center quilts. Click any image […]