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But What About That Blue?

In an earlier post I showed you the blue-green embroidery I added to try to better integrate the blue sky into the tan and cream color palette.  But, doggone it, that blue sky just still seemed too bright.  Can you tell from this photograph? No?  How about this one? Definitely too bright, right?  I decided […]

Colorful Apples in Clearwater, FL

From purple to green, the colors were hot in our Clearwater classroom!  Check out these apples made in a recent Double Reverse Applique class. Click any image for a larger view Don’t you love that purple?  And this tasty red! In this class, the apple is completed first, with a rough outside edge.  The shadow, […]

Collaborate with Me: Round Two

I started a really cool piece in a Pamela Allen class.  It’s got a lot of potential, so I’m a little reluctant to part with it.  But I know I’ll never finish it.  So, I’m giving it away via my Facebook business page,  “Ellen Lindner:  Adventure Quilter”.  Here’s a detail shot. To see the full […]

Good Ideas

Sometimes I hate it when I get a “good” idea.  You know the ones.  They’re good in that they will improve a quilt greatly, but bad because they’ll take a lot of time or tedium to implement. And that’s where I am now.  Only, I got my good idea AFTER the quilt was finished!  Yep.  […]

Fun Experiment with Mixed Results

Don’t you love it when you learn about a new technique and you’re just dying to try it out?  Such was my excitement when I read about faux chenille, in Kim Thittichai’s book  “Layered Textiles: New Surfaces with Heat Tools, Machine and Hand Stitch.” I’ve seen this done with fabric before, but Kim’s material of choice […]

“Winter Fields” Embroidery

In this small quilt, I wanted to feature corn stubs poking up through the snow.  I love the way they march in parallel lines across the rolling hills. Click any image for a larger view As you can see, I added other details such as trees and fencing. At this point, my nagging doubts about […]

Silk Landscape: Winter This Time

I’m making good progress on my latest silk landscape.  The fabrics have been cut burnt and placed, and I’m beginning to quilt and embroider.  Here it is with the fence  just roughly laid in place . Click any image for a larger view Next, I added quilting.  Wow, did that make a difference!  I was […]

Winter Landscape Progressing

Can you tell I’ve been busy?  This is the scrap pile that’s been growing as I’ve been working on my latest silk  landscape.  Even the scraps are gorgeous!  (Don’t worry, I won’t throw them away.  They might even inspire another piece.) Here’s my sketch: Different fabric colors will establish the design, machine quilting will add to the […]