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Jacksonville Class: Design Your Own Nature Quilt

I had fun this week teaching Design Your Own Nature Quilt in Jacksonville, FL, with the All Star Quilters.  This class can be a little challenging, so “artistic courage” is included on the supply list.  The ladies did a good job of calling upon that courage and got a lot accomplished in our short time together. […]

Available in My Portfolio: Rhapsody in Blue Berries

One great thing about a blog is that it allows me to easily share large photos.  So, I’ve decided to take advantage of that and to occasionally give you a really great view of some of my pieces. This time it’s my quilt Rhapsody in Blue Berries.  Click on any image for a larger view Rhapsody […]

Home from Estonia

After three years, my quilt, Lakeside Citrus, is home from Estonia.  It was there as part of the Art in Embassies program, hanging in the residence of the U.S. Ambassador. Click any image for a larger view I was surprised at the way it was packed and thought you’d be interested in seeing  it.  Here it […]

Silk Landscape Progressing

I’m really having fun working on this little silk landscape.  After studying my inspiration photo and my selection of lovely silk fabrics, I got to work.  I had already made a computer sketch, so I was able to jump right in. At first, I cut the fabrics in my usual fashion.  But, I knew they’d […]

Silk Two Ways

I really enjoyed the lush scenery on a recent trip to rural Virginia.  I took quite a few photos, thinking that they would serve as inspiration for a quilt. This is one of my favorites, and I had already started sketching it when I discovered some long-lost silk fabrics.  Click on this photo to see […]

Closets, Clutter, and Color

 When my son was a baby, his room was decorated in royal blue, jade green, and a few hits of purple and fuchsia.  Lively and energetic! In the years since, his jade green dresser has lived in my studio closet.  But, now things are coming full circle as it will once again be his as […]

Rural Reminders

Is this a classic rural image or what?  It shows my parents’ farm, my nephew (also a farmer,) and his great-grandfather’s truck that he restored. My visits to the farm are always filled with images like this.  Things that I just wouldn’t see in the (suburban) town where I live.  Although I grew up on the […]

It Doesn’t Always Work

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I like to experiment with a variety of techniques and materials.  This is great fun and it generally works well.  But every now and then I just end up with a dud.  Like this. Click for a larger view – if you dare Can […]

Published: Portfolio 18

Once again, SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) has published a book featuring quilts made by the professional level artists.  This is an excellent publication with TONS of wonderful images, AND it’s all online for your viewing pleasure! Click here to see my quilt, Mountain Meadow, but be sure to check out the other quilts as well.  […]