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Art Quilts Revealed: Part One

On a fine Sunday afternoon, my art quilt group, Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists, teamed up with Art More Place, to present Art Quilts Revealed.  Our primary goal was to introduce people to a “behind the seams” look at some of the techniques art quilters use.  Our secondary goal was to introduce quilters to Art More […]

Exercise Results

Remember the challenging exercise I gave you?  Here are some results from my art quilt buddies.  (We used pencils only, no color.) We all worked with this image: Click any image for a larger view Susan came up with this: This was her other image: And her results: This was Jill’s staring image: And her […]

A Challenging Exercise for You

Do you like to do artistic exercises?  Little challenges to improve your creativity, composition, and problem solving?  I do.  So, I created a little challenge for myself and my art quilt buddies.  It was inspired by the quilt I’ve been working on.  For it I started with a primary panel and needed to add more. […]

Gilding the Lily

In earlier posts I showed you the quilt I made entirely with fabrics given to me by Judith Content.  That went together so easily! Now, I’m working on one that’s much more challenging.  This time I am working with only one panel of Judith’s fabric, the center one shown below. Click any image for a […]

Great Results in Mt. Dora

I had so much fun teaching in Mt. Dora, FL!  The first day included a lecture on color and an Instant Art Quilt class.  The next day was devoted to Double Reverse Applique. The primary project for this class is a dramatic apple. Click any image for a larger view (I’m embarrassed to report I did […]

“Oak Green Farm” Complete

My farm quilt, Oak Green Farm, is now complete. Click any image for a larger view It depicts the farm where I grew up, and where my parents still live.  Very little has changed over the years:  rolling fields, sunlight reflecting off the metal barn roofs, and that big maple tree. This scene is full of memories […]

Farm Quilt: Home Stretch

After completing the sky and fields, I quilted everything in place.  Next, I pinned the barns into position.  I didn’t stitch them yet, because I thought the tree might affect the placement. I spent quite a bit of time trying out fabrics for the tree. Click on any image for a larger view I needed […]

That Fabric!

Wow, I knew I was lucky to get those wonderful silk fabrics from Judith Content, but I didn’t know how lucky until I pinned them up on my design wall! This is the very first pin up.  Totally random, right out of the bag. Click any image for a larger view Can you say awesome? […]

Farm Quilt: Adding Barns and Making MORE Changes

              I added the barns to my farm quilt and was quite happy with them. Click any image for a larger view In places I had to modify the trees and sky behind the barns in order to create enough contrast. Of course, it wasn’t long before I noticed […]

Farm Quilt: Creating Fields

After creating the sky and tree line of my farm quilt, I was ready to tackle the fields. I drew the main lines and the road directly onto the muslin base with a permanent marker.  After LOTS of fabric auditions, I got started cutting and placing. Click any image for a larger view I used […]