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That Fabric!

Wow, I knew I was lucky to get those wonderful silk fabrics from Judith Content, but I didn’t know how lucky until I pinned them up on my design wall! This is the very first pin up.  Totally random, right out of the bag. Click any image for a larger view Can you say awesome? […]

Fabric in the Mail

I’m a lucky girl.  I got this in the mail today:  fabric scraps from Judith Content. Click on any image for a larger view Judith is a very talented fabric artist who dyes all her own fabric.  She sent me scraps as a thank you for recruiting SAQA members.  How nice! Can you tell they’re […]

For the SAQA “Trunk Show”

I belong to a wonderful organization called SAQA,  Studio Art Quilt Associates.  One of the goals of the group is to promote art quilts.  With that in mind, the group orchestrates trunk shows of very small quilts.  These travel, free of charge, to any group that asks.  Isn’t that cool? This year’s call for trunk […]

Queen Palm: Foreground Twigs and Favorite Things

After completing the background, and auditioning fabrics for the foreground, I set to work on the Queen palm twigs.  I was loving the “measles” fabric. Click any image for a larger view But, was it taking over?  Hmm.  Have you ever heard the artistic advice:  If it’s not working, try removing your favorite thing?  Darn.  I […]

Queen Palm: Background and Stitching

After designing a plan for my Queen Palm (twigs) quilt, it was time to create the background.  After some consideration, I decided to slightly mimic the colors in the inspiration photo:  blue-green in the background and yellow-green for the foreground.  Since the colors are similar, I knew I’d have to create contrast with value.  I’d […]

Berries, Thorns, and Contrast

After completing the stalks, it was on to the thorns and berries. – How thick should the thorns be? Skinny enough to be sharp, but fat enough to show up. – In light fabrics, so they’ll show. – And what about the berries?  Yellow seems like a good choice, but will the high contrast make […]

Thorny Palm Underway

After sketching the design for the thorny palm quilt, I was ready to audition fabric combinations.  Purple background or green?  Click any image for a larger view Since the purple background provides such a nice contrast, I selected it.  I wanted the background fabric shapes to hint at the horizontal thorns I’d be adding.  You can […]

Problems = Improvements

“Ugh, that looks terrible.”  And so it begins.  The recognition that I’ve got a problem.  Never a happy moment!  But, thankfully, these problems sometimes point me in a totally new direction which greatly improves the piece.  Like this recent one. I’ve been working on the next set of “Notes for a Friend.”  I wanted to […]

“Whatcha Gonna Do with All Those Little Strips?

My local quilt shop does something that I love.  Well, many things, really.  But one in particular.  When trimming fabrics to create fat quarters, they save all the little skinny trimmings and bag them up.  When the bag is eventually full, they sell it.  I love these, and have used them in several projects.  Like […]

Instant Art Quilts in The Villages – Part Two

Day Two at The Villages brought another Instant Art Quilt class.  And once again, the students rose to the challenge. Click any image for a larger view Brenda worked with a variety of fabrics to create her background: a tricky task that she managed extremely well.  A fabric with hot tropical foliage provided the perfect […]