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Art Quilts Revealed

I’m really excited about an upcoming event in Melbourne, FL.  It’s called “Art Quilts Revealed” and it will be presented/hosted by my small art group, the Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists.  We’ll have lots of quilts on display, explanations of many of our techniques, and demos every half hour. It will be  held in Art More […]

Designing a Farm Quilt

I grew up on a dairy farm which I’ve photographed quite a bit over the years.  My favorite view is as you’re driving in and you come over a hill.  The farm spreads out before you, with the barns in the distance, and rows of crops on both sides of the road.  And the entire view is framed […]

Inspired by the Fabric

I recently purchased a beautiful hand dyed fat quarter, from Gabriele Bullard, of Fabrilish. Click any image for a larger view Isn’t it gorgeous?!? I spent a bit of time deciding how to best use it.  Certainly, it was tempting to keep it intact and to simply add other fabrics around it. But, I wasn’t […]

Gift Wrap and Other Christmas Blessings

As I was wrapping gifts today, I came across a somewhat nostalgic scrap.  It was left over from a particularly stressful Christmas a few years ago.  That year, I decided to make the best of our circumstances, and to look for small blessings at every turn.  So, I decided to buy the most absolutely gorgeous […]

“Around the Neighborhood” Home Gallery

I staged my “Around the Neighborhood” exhibit in my own home.  That meant removing some quilts that didn’t fit the theme, and adding others in their places.  It took some mental gymnastics to figure out what would fit (and look good) where, what hanging slat to use with what, what needed to have new holes […]

Starting in Left Gear – Sketching a Thorny Palm

Remember when I went on a Photo Safari with my fiber art friends?  One of our assignments was to photograph something with contrasts.  I thought the sharp thorns and round berries of this palm fit the bill perfectly.  Click on any image for a larger view I really enjoyed my last palm quilt, and decided […]

“York Wall” Complete

My latest quilt, York Wall, is now complete.  I’m thrilled with it! Click any image for a larger view I worked (and reworked) very hard to give it the feeling of reflected light, and I’m now happy with the results. This quilt was inspired by a photo I took in 2002 and I started working on […]

Working an Idea

In my earlier post, I showed you a sketch that was inspired by the shapes of a completed quilt.  Did you figure out which quilt provided that inspiration?  This photo should tell you: The quilt is called Hopes and Daydreams, and it’s one of my favorites.  (You can see it on the  home page of my […]

Beads and Baubles

Oh my, don’t you love a bead store? And, of course, the pleasure of picking up a  handful of these beauties and letting them run through your fingers. What great eye candy! I seldom use beads on my quilts, but I can’t help but love them!  How ’bout you? Ellen Lindner P.S.  These beads were […]

Mountain Impressions

Well, I did it.  I had those mountain images in my head so much that I just had to do a quick collage.  This time with magazine pages. I wanted to depict the blue sky, snow-covered mountain tops, and bare Aspen trees.  I looked at several photos to get me going, but I relied primarily on […]