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Orange Snap Dragon

***Challenge spoiler***  If you’re participating in the flower wagon challenge, you may not want to see my progress. When starting to work on the final snap dragon, I initially used the same colors as those in the photo:  yellow and orange. Click any image for a larger view. However, I thought the pure yellow stuck […]

Second Hand Stitching Complete

Ta-da!  Here’s my second hand stitched piece, finished and framed. Click any image for a larger view. The stitched area is only 5″ x 7″, but the framed dimensions are approximately 16″ x 19″. Here’s a detail shot: I think I like it as much as the first one! And I definitely enjoyed stitching it just […]

More Hand Stitching

Once I started hand stitching I really enjoyed it.  So, I started a second piece.  This time, I used the same background colors, but with different colors of threads.  Although I intended to orient it vertically, this shows the design for this new piece. Click any image for a larger view.   As before, I […]

Traveling Studio

I was recently away from home for about a month, first in a hotel, and then in an apartment.  Knowing I’d need entertainment, I decided to take plenty of art and quilting supplies with me.  Since we have a van, we took out all but two seats and I started loading!  (My husband just quietly […]

Flower Wagon Challenge Results

The great thing about a challenge is seeing the diverse results that come from it.  For the Flower Wagon Challenge, Kathy Edwards decided to crop the primary image, focusing on the lines of the wagon and one back wheel.  I really like her crop and the impact of that big red wheel. Click image for […]

Hand Stitched Piece Complete!

Ta-Da!  Here’s my finished piece, all nicely framed. Click any image for a larger view.   What do you think?  I’m really happy with it.  Especially after framing!  Isn’t it amazing how much farming adds to a piece?  (Not only visually, but also figuratively.  The stitching measures only 5″ x 7″, but the framed dimensions […]

Hand Stitching: Almost Finished

After establishing the background colors with large shapes, I worked smaller ones on top.  Lots of partial buttonhole wheels.  Next, I started adding more texture and color with bullion knots ( the ones that look like caterpillars.)  I decided they were too much work, so resorted to that old stand by, French knots. Click on […]

Your Flower Wagon Challenge

Did you accept my challenge to create artwork inspired by my Savannah photos?  If so, how are you coming? Cheryl Gebhart took up the challenge and decided to realistically paint the primary image.  She did so in her sketchbook, along with notes about the challenge and the date.  Click the image for a larger view. Didn’t she […]

Featured in Spaces Magazine!

Woohoo!  I’m so excited!  My article in Spaces magazine just came out.  For those of you in Brevard County, FL, it will arrive with your local paper, and you’ll find the 8 page article starting on page 36.  It’s also available online.  Check it out! Here’s a sneak peak at the first 2 page spread, featuring […]