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Girl with a Red Bucket

Don’t you just love this painting?  It’s by Jini James and I just bought it.  Woohoo! It looks great in my living room.  The colors really pop against the brown walls. Jini has many more wonderful pieces on her website.  I hope you’ll check them out. Ellen Lindner

Help Me Name This Class

I’ve had quite a bit of fun designing and constructing the class sample for my new class.  Here it is, nearly complete. Click to enlarge I think I’ll probably name this piece Dance of Joy. But I’m stumped on a name for the class.  It features lessons on free rotary cutting and how to fuse little […]

SAQA Technique Smorgasbord

Yay, I spelled smorgasbord correctly! But, on to the good stuff.  I belong to a wonderful organization called Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA.)  With over 3000 members worldwide, this group is a WEALTH of information and resources.  Here in Florida, we’ve divided our state up into regional “pods.”  Yep.  That makes us pod people. Our pod […]

More Great Fiber Art in Jacksonville

Here’s some more great fiber art from the Fiber Artists Network (FAN) exhibit, in Jacksonville, FL. Click on any image for a larger view Many of the pieces on display were abstracts, like this one by Gretchen Jolles. Gretchen has really piqued my interest with this one.  Since I don’t “see” pots, I’d love to see […]

Fiber Artists Network Exhibit in Jacksonville, FL

I recently visited the Fiber Artists Network (FAN) exhibit in Jacksonville, FL, and I was very impressed!  The exhibit was curated by Maya Schonenberger, which must have been a challenging task.  The pieces she selected featured a wide variety of fiber art techniques, from baskets to avant-garde for-display-only garments. Although I only had my phone available […]

Around the World Blog Hop

A former online student, Diane Miller, invited me to participate in a blog hop.  How cool is that?  I love making connections online (and otherwise.)  The Around the World Blog Hop is a MUCH IMPROVED version of chain letters, where each participant “tags” a few more to join in.  You’ll see links to posts by my […]

“Ti Party”

My latest little quilt was one of the most fun I’ve ever made! Click any image for a larger view I call it “Ti Party,” because the plants shown are Japanese Ti (tea) plants. And it does look like a party, doesn’t it? But, the label says “No politics.  Just vivid color.” Why was this quilt so […]

More Class Awesomeness in Lake Mary

Yes, I said AWESOMENESS!  The students in my recent “Design Your Own Nature Quilt” rocked it, and here’s the proof. Here’s Mel’s inspiration photo. Click any image for a larger view And here’s her quilt, well under way. Isn’t it going to be fabulous?  She did an excellent job of editing the elements down, making […]

Artistic Courage in Lake Mary

The supply list for my “Design Your Own Nature Quilt” class includes artistic courage.  Fortunately, the group I recently taught in Lake Mary was very brave!  None of them had ever designed a quilt before, but they all had wonderful art quilts at the end of day two. Laura’s mountain quilt rocks!  She used tulle […]