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I Did It Again

I cut up a finished quilt. Don’t panic, though.  The quilt just wasn’t that great.  Here it is, As I Watched in Wonder. Click any image for a larger view Thankfully, the colors aren’t quite so jarring in person, but this quilt just never quite sang.  (At least not on key!)  It had wonderful little details of […]

It Used to Be His Bedroom

Oh, I’m a lucky girl!  I’ve got a new space for quilt storage and shipping! It all started when I was trying to find yet another spot to store something quilt related.  This time it was easels and other display items.  I already had things wedged between the furniture and walls of my studio, as […]

Reworking My Circles Challenge

Last month, I finished a small challenge quilt, which required significant use of circles.  I (mostly) enjoyed the process, but I have to say that I was NOT happy with my results.  Oh well.  You win some and you lose some, right? But then, I got to thinking I might like to transform this ugly […]

Over Painting

I have a piece that’s in the too-ugly-to-see-the-light-of-day category.  I finished it in 2003 and was pretty happy with it until I decided to make some “improvements.”  My attempts backfired, resulting in the quilt’s current status. It’s been languishing in my closet ever since, waiting for more, uh, improvements.  So, I got the idea to […]

Redoing Projects

In between stitched collages, I really enjoy making glued ones.  Because they’re relatively quick to make, they provide a nice creative activity when I don’t have time for something more involved.   Recently, I made a four-part piece to hang above our new large screen TV.  (You can see a photo in my June newsletter.)  I […]

I Did it Again

Originally posted April 3, 2009 on the Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists blog. I changed horses midstream.  I was happily working along on a new piece, deciding on the placement of lots of small orange circles. Then, I had, what was for me, a very radical thought: What if I made this a very calm almost […]