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To Everything There is a Season

There is an appointed time for everything.   And there is a time for every event under heaven.  Ecclesiastes 3:1 I find that I’m entering an appointed time as care giver for a special family member.  Of course, I’d prefer to have all my family healthy, but since that’s not the case, I’m HAPPY to help in this way.   […]

“Winter Maple” (White on White)

Ta-da!  My White on White challenge piece is finished.  See Winter Maple below.  Click any image for a larger view Working with such low contrast was different for me, but I’m quite happy with the final product.  The branches are drawn with oil pastels and outline stitched with black thread. I kept the stitching very […]

Designing My Latest Quilt (White on White)

My quilt designs come from anywhere and everywhere, but frequently from the nature around me.  Here’s a photo I took of a solitary maple tree in the winter. I loved the strong contrast between the bare branches and the blue sky.  I photographed this tree from many angles, and I THINK the one below is […]

Birthday Fun with Fiber Artists

It just so happened that my birthday fell on one of the days of my local fiber art group’s annual retreat.  Oh, did we have fun! There was dancing, as we listened to oldies.  (See me, in mid-boogie, below.) Andrea did her dancing while still sewing! Click any image for a larger view We gathered around […]

Abundance of Fabric!

Ooh la la, look what I got!  Click images for larger views.  A friend brought me this big box of old drapery samples and such. Most of the fabrics are large scale prints with lots of stripes and such. I’m about to start work on a large Croton quilt.  I think the striped fabrics will be […]

She Loved It! – Barn Quilt Revealed

Since the barn quilt I’ve been working on was a commissioned gift, I didn’t want to show the finished project until the recipient had received it.  And now, she has.  So, here’s the completed quilt, made for (drum roll please,) MY MOM!  Click any image for a much larger/better view. It was commissioned by my […]

Great Progress Made in Design-Nature Class!

The students in my recent “Design Your Own Nature Quilt” class brought their artistic courage to class and bravely jumped into unknown territory.  It was exciting! Most students found that their compositions were improved when they cropped their inspiration photos rather dramatically. Kathy was an example, and you can see her cropped photo below, at left.  She was […]