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When is a Scrap Too Small to Keep?

All artists working with fabric have to decide a few things about the storage of their fabric.  Things like: – How will I store large pieces?  Small pieces?  Scraps? – At what size does a piece of fabric change categories?   – And when is a scrap no longer large enough to keep? Answers will vary, […]

It’s All Relative

I’ve just started on a new quilt.  It will feature a red barn, sitting on a hill, with mountains behind.  My reference photo was taken in the winter.  I’ll shift the season to very early spring, but I’ll keep the background colors a little subdued so the barn will be the star. First, I pulled […]

“Write Me a Note”

Do you have a family bulletin board?  Yeah, we do too.  But, it has mostly long term things on it like phone numbers.  The more pressing “to do” list items end up…well, on the microwave. What?  You don’t do this? At only 5 feet tall, I realized that the microwave was at my exact eye level, and it […]

Altering Fabrics: Oil Sticks and Paint

All the cool stuff Bev gave me got me thinking about stamping and other surface design techniques.  This was timely, since I needed fabrics to depict a distant forest in early spring.  I was looking for small scale, low contrast prints in browns and greens.  As you might guess, there was nothing in my stash […]

A Gift from Bev

The Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists, to whom I belong, have recently added a new policy:  anyone having a birthday in a given month is expected to bring gifts to everyone else.  Well, that IS fun!  The gift can be anything from a piece of gum, to fabric, to whatever you can think of.  I’m really […]

Cutest Project Ever!

What do you think of these cute little Mary Janes? Click any image for a larger view Aren’t they adorable?  They’re made, primarily, with fabric covered cardboard.  Plus, there was lots of glue, some paint, vintage lace, and a large dose of patience.  Although construction was pretty involved, I love these little shoes! Of course, […]

Mystery Project

What on earth am I making?  Take a look at the parts and see if you can figure it out. This project is very different for me because it’s 3D mixed media and it uses SOMEONE ELSE’S PATTERN!  Thank goodness for that latter part, since I have no expertise in such matters.  I’m finding it (mostly) fun […]