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New Notes for a Friend

After cutting up a finished quilt, I used it as the starting point for EIGHT new Notes for a Friend.  Here are four of them, #23-26. Click any image for a larger view. #23 I had fun adding cross stitches, #24and French knots, #25 little bits of fabric, #26 and hand stitched twigs. I really enjoy creating […]

Notes for a Friend #16 & 17

Here are the Notes for a Friend, #16 and #17.  These are part of the group that started life as an ugly quilt. Note #16, shown on black background Detail.  Click for larger view Note #17, Detail.  Click for larger view These small pieces are a BIG improvement over the original quilt! Find purchase information […]

Notes for a Friend #14-15

Some months ago, I cut up an unsuccessful quilt and used the pieces as the starting points for another set of Notes for a Friend.  These are the first two resulting quilts. #14, photographed against black: #Detail. Click to enlarge #15.  Click to enlarge Detail I especially like mounting these tiny quilts on framed glass. I’ll […]

Notes for a Friend, #10-12

Although it might seem like I’ve only had Korea on the brain, I’ve actually been doing lots of artsy things in the month since our return. You may recall that I started a few new “Notes for a Friend” at an art festival, where I asked passersby to help me select fabrics.  I’ve now completed Notes […]

Note for a Friend #9

The last “note” in the most recent series: With the addition of hand embroidered trees, this piece is the closest to my original vision.  I also love the “goose bumps” quilting on the left and the blue hand stitching.  Maybe one of my favorite “notes.”   Click on any image for a larger view. This […]

Note for a Friend #8

  Click any image for a larger view See this piece framed “in” a see-through frame.  Enjoy the entire series. Ellen Lindner

Note for a Friend #7

My latest set of three “Notes for a Friend” is now complete.  Here’s #7.  Click any image for a larger view. And here’s a detail shot. My original inspiration was a cloudy winter day.  But two things happened along the way:  1 – I didn’t have the barely grey fabrics I needed for such imagery. […]

Problems = Improvements

“Ugh, that looks terrible.”  And so it begins.  The recognition that I’ve got a problem.  Never a happy moment!  But, thankfully, these problems sometimes point me in a totally new direction which greatly improves the piece.  Like this recent one. I’ve been working on the next set of “Notes for a Friend.”  I wanted to […]

Note for a Friend #6

Ooh, I love the hot fucshia line in “Note for a Friend #6.”  These were the colors I set out to use and I think they’re very effective.  I was really happy with the embroidery, too.  (Click the image for a much better view.)   $59 unframed, or $79 framed/mounted on glass See this post for an […]

Note for a Friend #5

Here’s “Note for a Friend #5.  I didn’t intend to use yellow.  However, my green and yellow scraps share a container.  As I was working some green out, a yellow piece of fabric fell onto my composition and it really seemed to work.  The orange happened in a similar way. I planned to use fucshia in this […]