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Creative Play: Photo to Abstract

In my last creative exercise, I once again took inspiration from Pat Pauly and used one of her techniques for creating an abstract design from a photo. First, I cropped one of my printed photos down to 7.5 x 10. I was aiming for something that was divisible by 2.5, so I could cut it […]

Exercise Results

Remember the challenging exercise I gave you?  Here are some results from my art quilt buddies.  (We used pencils only, no color.) We all worked with this image: Click any image for a larger view Susan came up with this: This was her other image: And her results: This was Jill’s staring image: And her […]

A Challenging Exercise for You

Do you like to do artistic exercises?  Little challenges to improve your creativity, composition, and problem solving?  I do.  So, I created a little challenge for myself and my art quilt buddies.  It was inspired by the quilt I’ve been working on.  For it I started with a primary panel and needed to add more. […]

A Wacky Way to Make a Background

I completed a quilt in mid-December and didn’t want to start anything major during the holidays.  So, I dug into my UFO (unfinished objects) drawer and my scrap bag for some small projects. I got the idea of fusing scraps onto muslin in order to create a random background.  But then I thought, “Why do […]

SAQA Technique Smorgasbord

Yay, I spelled smorgasbord correctly! But, on to the good stuff.  I belong to a wonderful organization called Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA.)  With over 3000 members worldwide, this group is a WEALTH of information and resources.  Here in Florida, we’ve divided our state up into regional “pods.”  Yep.  That makes us pod people. Our pod […]

Champagne Brunch and Tablescapes

When I was vending at EGAD in Bloom, a champagne brunch was held as part of the festivities.  I got to see the room afterward and it was clear that much fun was had! The stage was set with a variety of designer tables around the perimeter of the room.  Some of them were functional, […]

The Value of Non-Productivity

Recenlty, after completing a problematic quilt, I just wasn’t ready to tackle the next one.  I wanted some instant gratification, plus I felt like I needed to exercise my creative “muscles.”  Knowing the value of design and creativity exercises, I decided to spend some time working through a few. First, I played around with abstracting a zinnia.  In […]

Unconventional Materials Anyone?

A couple of months ago, I came across a quilting challenge involving the use of unconventional materials.  That piqued my interest, and I began to consider what materials I might like to use.  Since I was spending lots of time in a hospital clinic, I gleefully decided to collect everyday objects for a week.  I […]

Knitting Project: What is It?

It was great fun to knit together all my fabric strips.  The resulting item is colorful and full of texture.  Click any image to view larger But at approximately 6″ x 60″ what is it?  (Before blocking, below.) My original thought was that I was making a scarf. And, I think it looks really good […]

Late Night Improvisation: Knitting Edition

Do you ever get creative ideas late at night?  But then, you don’t have the fabric or supplies you need for your plan?  This happens to me all the time, and is frequently the catalyst for serious improvisation. Take, for instance, my 11 P.M. decision to re-learn how to knit.  I had been thinking that […]