It Just Had to be Done

I couldn’t take it.  It just had to be done.

That is, reworking a previous piece.  In this case, it was a glued collage, originally completed in 2012, called Garden of Restfulness.  Here’s the “before” version.  Definitely not horrible, but I thought it needed some flowers higher up.

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Garden of Restfulness, 2012 version

So, as usual, I did some playing.


Much better.  I glued the fabrics down and arrived at this “after” version.  (These next two photos show the true colors.)


Garden of Restfulness, updated 2014 version

More French knots added interest.


Am I the only one who alters things after they’re finished?

Garden of Restfulness, 12 x 12, $125.  Audition it in your home.

Ellen Lindner

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  1. Nanette Fleischman says:

    Just a few touches and a nice improvement. I like the black French knots.

  2. ellen says:

    Thanks, Nanette. It’s great to be able to add hand stitching to these glued pieces. (I just have to avoid the edges, due to the wood beneath.)

  3. janette hamilton says:

    I love the changes, are the “flowers” a little lighter in colour? and I love the black outlines, make you believe in the flowers more.

  4. ellen says:

    Thanks, Janette. The new flowers are probably not any lighter than the old ones, and one of them is definitely darker. But, the new ones are a little more saturated/bright. Not quite as dull as the earlier ones.

    I’ve discovered that I can outline almost any organic shape with black and make it look like a flower. 🙂 Like a pen drawing on watercolor, you know? A fun technique.

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