Notes for a Friend, #10-12

Although it might seem like I’ve only had Korea on the brain, I’ve actually been doing lots of artsy things in the month since our return.

You may recall that I started a few new “Notes for a Friend” at an art festival, where I asked passersby to help me select fabrics.  I’ve now completed Notes #10-12 and I’m quite happy with them.

Please click on each image to see a much larger view

Note for a Friend #10:Note for a Friend, Ellen Lindner,

Note for a Friend, Ellen Lindner,

and #12:Note for a Friend, Ellen Lindner,

These little notes continue to be a lot of fun to make, and I’ve sold quite a few.  They’re available both unframed and mounted on glass with a narrow black frame.  I especially like the second option.

Note for a Friend mounted and framed, Ellen Lindner,

The frame is 8 x 10, which gives these small pieces more presence.  And I love the glass “matting!”  These come with their own acrylic stands for table top display, or they can also be hung on a wall.

(Click the title about each image for purchase information.)

I guess I’m addicted to these little guys.  Watch for more.

Ellen Lindner

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